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More robot angst

Slowly, painfully, Megatron stumbled into the Shadowzone.

Behind him, the colliding ground bridges that had brought him here closed. The mech he’d hired had given him two hours; if he hadn’t finished his search by then, he’d be trapped here.

Not that it mattered much anymore. His pride had been destroyed decades ago, fleeing with his once-mighty army. He had come to this place, clinging to the last bit of hope that his old, fading spark could manage.

He was here for Soundwave.

Just the thought of his most-trusted lieutenant sent a strange mix of emotion through Megatron. After that final battle so many years ago, after he’d driven Unicron out of his mind, he’d begun his search. He didn’t care for others like Knockout or Starscream; those were traitors, cowards, and part of the past he didn’t care to remember anymore. No, he only wanted to find Soundwave. Though he’d never said so, he’d trusted Soundwave with his life.

He’d spent years scouring hundreds of planets and trying to find truths behind a thousand rumors. Some said Soundwave had joined the Autobots. Some said he’d gone rogue. Others claimed he’d gone offline. Though most evidence pointed to Soundwave having utterly disappeared after the last battle, Megatron had somehow held to the thought that the lieutenant was smarter than that, too strong to be cut down or become a traitor.

Then, some days ago, an old ex-Decepticon engineer claimed knowledge of Soundwave’s whereabouts, and would take Megatron there…for a price.

The ancient warlord had ended up paying the mech half his remaining energon reserves to get here, to this other dimension caused by colliding groundbridges. While he had some doubt that Soundwave were here, this was at least a lead.

Metal joints creaking, Megatron set out in one direction, optics scanning every inch of the ground. He dared not call out, however; he had no idea what else lurked in this place, and would likely be unable to fight anything off.

By his count, he’d traveled for close to half an hour when he spotted something about a hundred yards off, lying at the base of what might have been a wall of some sort. Trying not to get too excited, Megatron quickened his pace. As he neared, his spark filled with something akin to joy. He began to call, “Sound-“

Then he stopped a few yards away.
This was Soundwave, yes, but just his lifeless shell.

Optics widening, Megatron rushed to the side of the mech and fell to his knees. Soundwave, it appeared, had been offline for a long, long time.

Megatron reached down, touching Soundwave’s cracked faceplate. So this was it then. Years wasted, searching, only to find his lieutenant dead.

Then, suddenly, an image appeared on Soundwave’s screen. Startled, Megatron watched the words pass across the faceplate.

"To anyone who finds me," it read, "I am trapped. I have spent immeasurable time trying to escape. It is hopeless now. I am dead. My Lord is dead. I have failed."

Then the screen went blank. Megatron looked up, shouted at the sky. All this time….if he’d only known….

That’s when the old mech felt his spark slowing.

Taking Soundwave’s servo in his own, Megatron leaned back against the wall. Yes. The lieutenant was dead. But Megatron had found him. He had his closure.

Maybe this was not the worst way to die.

Megatron was still clutching Soundwave’s servo when his own spark went out a few moments later.

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